Ebenau pur

The “village of the old mills” is located between Salzburg and the lake district Salzkammergut, surrounded by wooded mountains. Ebenau is a natural idyll and pure recreation. Numerous hiking trails lead along natural meadows and the many mills tell interesting stories of ancient crafts or even of the production of brass, which was already a very important export for the prince archbishops of Salzburg. For us Scouts, Ebenau offers pure nature – the ideal basis for a program-loaded and still intentionally simple camp.

With a population of about 1,500, there are fewer people living in the village than there will be scouts at PUR. Ebenau does not have a local grocery store, the nearest shops are located in Hof, 7.5 km away. You will find the nearest ATM at the Raiffeisenkasse in the center of the village.

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