sustainable, regional, simple, original
and in harmony with nature …

… that’s how we promote the camp. We have formed our own sustainability team in order to really act sustainably and with respect for the environment at the camp. This group steers the ideas for sustainability and monitors their implementation during the camp.
Each department is now asked to collect ideas about how we can make the PUR even more sustainable.
If you have any ideas, send an email to nachhaltig@pur22.at


PUR is sustainable and environmentally friendly … and from now on also labeled as a Green Event. In cooperation with the State of Salzburg and the Climate Alliance, we were given the Green Event seal in January. This is associated with several requirements and sustainable solutions at the PUR.

You can find more details about a Green Event on the website of the State of Salzburg

win sustainably

arrive sustainably

Traveling to the PUR in a sustainable manner is not only desired but also rewarded. There will be a competition: the journey with the lowest CO2 emission compared to the standard journey will be rewarded with a cash prize (approximately as much as three participants’ fees). This means, those who make a special effort to travel environmentally friendly and emission-free will reduce their own participation costs.

There are three different categories for groups from Salzburg, groups from Austria, and groups from abroad. A comparison between the standard travel specified by PUR and the actual travel of the group is rated. The goal is, for example, to improve the already sustainable train journey by walking a part of the distance or even coming by bike. We are currently working on a calculation tool for this.

sustainability challenge at the pur

All participants can earn sustainability points during PUR, for example by choosing vegetarian meals instead of meat, running electrical devices on solar power, sharing a cooking station with a partner group to save resources, and much more. There are no limits to your creativity! From a certain number of points, you will receive the Sustainable PUR badge. Participants with the most points will receive special (non-cash) prizes.