RaRo – Together PUR

Pure RaRo life means two days of program with many workshops, a hike with overnight stay and a day on your own. Experiencing the PUR does not mean to fill the camp with program until the last minute. Quality time together is our focus. Time for cooking together with other groups, creating scout buildings together, competing in Highland Games, making new friends, sitting around campfire, planning evening program and ending the day in the yurt bar. Enjoy your time with new friends on our atmospheric RaRo campsite at the PUR.

There is a varied workshop program for RaRo…

analogue photography, archery, art, band workshop, bridge construction, carving, clay oven, climbing, cocktails, cooking in the Dutch oven, creating instruments, cross fit, fishing and fish processing, forging, geo caching, gravity racer, kendo milling flour and baking bread, needlework, parkour, pioneer construction, pub quiz, raised bed, ratanui, solar stove, splicing, survival, sweat, lodge, weather, wild herb hike, yoga