Open Pots Evening

The open pots evening already is a tradition and will take place on Friday, August 5. All the troops cook delicacies from their local cuisine and all the participants can taste them.

Think about what you want to cook for the other participants. Please keep the following points in mind for your planning:

  • Amount: Prepare about 20 servings with your troop.
    In case two or three troops of your group (e.g., CaEx and RaRo) cook together, please prepare 40 or 60 servings.
    Please note that you probably cannot serve the food where you cook.
  • You can order the food online together with your menu selection in June 2022. We kindly ask you to bring yourself any kind of unusual food, which is not available in Austrian supermarkets.
  • Do not cook more extravagant than necessary, to take turns and have enough time taste all the other delicacies.

If you have any questions about the open pots in advance, please send an email to

The “open pots evening” is also a possibility to present yourself and your group, your home, and your country. Whatever you plan, this evening is the right time for it. We are looking forward to a wonderful evening. Register directly at the camp at the international tent (main square), your presentation will be coordinated there.