Guides and Späher – on the Track of PUR

Hike PUR

Grab your snack, pack your backpack and off we go. Together with one or two other patrols and a leader you will explore the world outside of the campsite on one day. You will follow a trail of tasks and riddles through pure nature, pure forest, or along the pure water of the river. Sometimes your paths will cross. There are also hike routes through the city of Salzburg and over the city mountains, particularly interesting for foreign groups.

Pure hiking is so much more than “just hiking”. It is not about climbing as high as possible, but about surpassing yourself. It is not about getting as far as possible, but about getting further together. It is not about arriving at the destination as fast as possible, but about going the way together. Pure hike – that means one day away from the hustle and bustle at the camp, on day on your own, finding new paths and friends.

Adventure Day PUR

This remains our secret. We can only tell you, that you are on the right track towards pure adventure together with all the GuSp in your subcamp. You will only find out what exactly happens at the camp. This is pure adventure. Not exactly knowing beforehand what to expect. When you dare something. When you are waiting with excitement for what is to come. Then you are right in the adventure.

Workshops PUR

Pure workshops, this also means pure uniqueness. Our workshops are as different as you are as individual scouts. In each one you are on the track of another Pur. Are you pure craftsmen and like to create something on your own? Are you purely interested in a topic? Is there pure creativity? There is something for everyone, from learning acrobatic tricks to making music with everyday stuff or even thinking about the future.

Evening Entertainment and offers PUR

There are great offers all around. There is happening a lot in the subcamp. Instead of sending texts and pictures to your mobile phones you can have pure communication, sitting around the campfire and singing songs. In case you need a pure break, the pure wellness tent is at your disposal. Who drinks pure lime juice? Pure green juices will be available when the CaEx bar is open for GuSp on one evening.