Caravelles and Explorers – Program PUR

The Caravelles and Explorers (CaEx) subcamp will be a great camp experience for both Caravelles and Explorers as well as leaders. An exclusive area for CaEx will be available for networking and recharging your batteries. Also, there will be a retreat area for tired leaders where their needs will be met. Regardless of the workshop days, there will be program to participate and enough room for your own ideas. And when talking about simplicity and originality, the campfire romance should not be missed out.

Workshop PUR

You can attend one-day and two-day workshops on four program days. There is a wide range of offers: Sustainable upcycling projects like making nesting boxes and coffee bags. Pure scouting techniques like the construction of a sweat lodge or a solar dryer, cooking in a Dutch oven or even simply building a raft. Interesting handicraft modules from the construction of a slingshot to regional craft and customs of the hunter and beekeeper. Moreover, the ideally located campsite is a good starting point for hikes of all levels in the nearby Osterhorngruppe mountains.

You see, there is something for everybody!