11 Days Pure Program

Opening ceremony, visitors Sunday, open pots and a visit of the Salzburg Beavers, Brownies and Cubs at the camp promise all participating scouts unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to meet many new people, discover an amazing landscape as well as other cultures and tastes.

On the group day you have the chance to organize your program for all age ranges of your group yourself. Forests, gorges, water, or mountains – you will find pure nature around the campsite. Even the historic old town of Salzburg is not far away.

In addition, there is a varied program in your sub camp.

Our Motto: PURE … Sustainable, Simple, Back to the Roots.

Other highlights: the Kraxn – the pure form of a 5D moving, action cinema and the Scout-Espcape tent where you will find tricky puzzles and little logic games. Numerous campfire sites for quality time with friends and pure scout romance.

A big closing party will take place at the end of our camp.

For more information about the program for your age group, see the program articles: