international scout camp
August 1–11, 2022


sustainable, regional, simple, original
and in harmony with nature
… simply PUR. The name says it all.

PUR is 11 days of scouting in Ebenau near Salzburg in Austria. PUR is green and pure in unspoilt nature on a hike from gorge to summit. PUR is diverse and unexpected at workshops in your subcamp. PUR is adventurous on the action day and sustainable on the good deed day. PUR is loud in the subcamp orchestra and quiet in the silent disco. PUR is together around the campfire and alone under the stars.

PUR is German for pure.



The camp organized by the scouts of Salzburg is carried out by the motto “PUR”, meaning pure and undiluted. Topics such as sustainability, regionality, reflection on the primal sources, simplicity and harmony with nature are all included in the program. We also reveal a few special features from the program: a group day, a visitor day, open pot night, something called “Kraxn”, some cross-aged program and of course a varied program for the individual groups according to their age. Last one mentioned will be published in more details shortly.

Despite all the program, the time for your group is not neglected. Throughout the camp you have enough time to carry out your own program with your children / adolescents. In addition, you have a day to plan yourself. We are happy to assist you with ideas and advice. Please contact the program team

Yes. You can already plan your traditional meal in advance.

As leaders, you are responsible for your children / young people. In addition, we depend on your help in implementing our planned program. We will inform you about the details in good time.

As part of the PUR22, there will be the opportunity to visit the participants at the camp on Sunday, August 7th. In addition to the personal exchange, there will also be a small but fine supporting program.

Gerne stellen wir euch den Wochenplan zur Verfügung. Bitte habt noch ein wenig Geduld!

Yes! Let yourself be surprised!

On special occasions at the camp – such as opening or closing – it is internationally customary to wear the scout uniform. You will receive the camp scarf on arrival and will officially identify you as a participant.

News out of the different age ranges …

The so called “GuSp” (means scouts from 10-13 years) will be only from Austria in our PUR-camp – you can reach the crew via
Who ist responsible for the Explorer-Scouts subcamp and program

Christian (Adi) Adelsberger and Roman (Gogges) Hock are the team-leaders and you can mail them:

Who are the contact persons for the rovers?

Bernhard Heidinger and Jürgen Messner are the RaRo-Subcamp and program team-leaders – just mail them:

Food and meals

Probably from May 2022 to June 30, 2022, the groups can make a menu selection via the database. After June 30, 2022, the menu choices cannot be changed.

When registering, all employees indicate on which days they will eat at the PUR22. If special diets or intolerances have to be adhered to, these will also be asked when registering.

Michael and Fritz and their team are at your disposal before the camp starts

Your assigned contact person at your subcamp will help you during the camp.

Breakfast can be selected from an fixed offer; each group can make the selection daily when they are picked up. A menu selection via the database can only be made for lunch and dinner. There are always two menus to choose from, at least one of which is vegetarian.

You should have informed us about participants who have to adhere to a certain diet or have food intolerances when registering! There will be a contact person during the camp for special food requirements.

When choosing a menu, it is important to look at the products – their regionality, sustainable production and route, as well as the packaging.

You will receive the exact information on this when the program has been assigned.

If you arrive earlier, you have to take care of the food yourself.
Catering begins on August 1st with dinner and ends with lunch on the day of departure (Thursday August 11th).

We offer you the opportunity to adjust the amount of food for your camp unit if you feel that you are getting too little or too much.

Yes, you are welcome to cook on an open fire! Firewood will be made available to you for this.

You can either build an open fireplace (bricks and wood are provided for it) or you can cook on the gas stove you have brought with you.

You will be provided with food, including spices, coffee, tea, fruit syrup, and cleaning agents. But you have to bring your own cooking material, crockery and stove (if you are not cooking over an open fire).

The “evening of the open pots” is already a tradition at large camps. There will also be an Open Pot Day on PUR22. Here the participants cook small delicacies from their home kitchen and let all other participants taste them (and of course also go around to try them out themselves). You can order the groceries together with the menu choice until June 30, 2022. We kindly ask you to bring your own unusual groceries that are not available in an Austrian supermarket.

The campsite

The campsite for the PUR22 is located around the local sports field. We have to build a large part of the infrastructure there for the duration of our camp.

It is only possible to light a fire at the official campfire sites in your sub-camp and on the cooking areas. No pits may be dug at the campsite, and additional fireplaces are also not allowed. Fire in braziers is possible, you have to bring these with you!

There is enough firewood for everyone – for cooking and for campfires. FAIR USE!

Yes, there are hot water showers in the two “shower villages”.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with table sets, as these are required for the program and the catering.

We are happy when there are typical buildings at the campsite, regardless of whether they are functional like a stove or just beautiful. Lumber is included in the camp fee and you have 3 running meters of poles and boards per person at your disposal as required. Should you need more logs, the need must be reported to us by March 31, 2022.

Lumber is included in the camp fee and you have 3 running meters of poles and boards per person at your disposal as required. Should you need more logs, the need must be reported to us by March 31, 2022.

If you are planning a construction that includes platforms or accessible elements over 3 meters high, please contact our technical team.

The responsibility for a safe construction and use lies with the respective builder and “operator” – and thus also the liability for any accidents or consequences.
Safety in camp buildings begins with the planning, goes through assembly and use (climbing, sitting, …) and ends after dismantling.

Normally all Austrian cell phone networks work on the campsite, but the performance of the networks is very different and depends on the number of users.

There will be no WiFi for participants and leaders at the camp site.

The supply of electricity on the campsite is a complicated matter. Electricity is therefore reserved for the program and the infrastructure. Unfortunately, we cannot provide electricity to the participants! There will be an opportunity for leaders to charge small devices in the sub-camp.

There will be a separate guest-campsite and the possibility to be catered for in the team kitchen. The registration takes place in the administration directly at the camp and exclusively via pre-registration!

There is a shop at the PUR22 where you can buy pretty and useful items in the PUR22 design.

The next option for withdrawing cash and changing money is in the center of Ebenau.

Health and First-Aid

It is strongly recommended that you bring your e-card / international insurance card with you. Please let us know any chronic illnesses in advance when registering. This means that help can be provided more quickly in an emergency.
The health data sheet, which is filled out promptly, must be handed in by each participant and employee at check-in.

An ambulance is available around the clock.

A box is available for each camp unit at the food distribution point, in which you can keep refrigerated medicines to be cooled.

The PUR22 team is currently trying to create a safe and feasible prevention concept for the camp. Even if some things will be different from what we know, the PUR22 should take place if possible!

All about the camp

The camp PUR22 takes place from August 1 to 11, 2022 in Salzburg, Ebenau.

The camp takes place in Ebenau near Salzburg. The campsite is next to the local sports area.
To be exact, you’ll find it here: 47.78675438899234, 13.173305776593894

Am Pitrach, 5323 Ebenau

Scouts from the age of 10 will participate. For scouts of other countries it will be possible starting from 13 years.

All togehter we intend to welcome about 2.000 scouts (staff included).

For the youngest ( the so called Guides & Späher (10-13 years)) there will be just austrian scouts. Starting from 13 years we like to welcome scouts from all over the world.

At the moment we think that we need about 200 staff members.

We have already a very well designed Covid-19 prevention concept which will be adaptet to future challenges the pandemic will pose to us. At the moment we are pretty sure that we will cope with the challenge.

Should the camp have to be canceled due to COVID-19, there are no cancellation fees.

Our communication-team will send several newsletters – if you like to receive thos informations please send an e-mail to

Registration, Administration and Data

From now on till the 31st of October 2021 you will be able to pre-register. At the pre-registration you have to tell us the aproximate number of participants.

Starting from the 1st of November the registration takes place. For the registration we already need the data of your participants. We have prepared forms for the registration already.

For pre-registration please click here!!!

Groups on the waiting list will be informed until Febraury 2022.

You’ll get a login to the registration site when you pre-register. For the final registration we need:

  • the personal data of all of your participants. We have forms prepared to collect the right data.
  • a deposit of 100,- € per participant.

As far as all of your data is entered at the registration platform, you will get a receipt for the deposit which has to be paid till April 1st of 2022.

The final registration has to take place from 1st of November until the 1st of April.

Informations on the data policy can be found in the imprint of the website.

International groups need a letter of recommandation of their international delegate. So we can assure that you are part of the World Organisations (WOSM, WAGGGS).

For easying your final registration you can get documents in advance:

  • template for announcements
  • data sheets for kids and leaders
  • health data sheet (follows in spring 2022)

Yes it ist. Please just write an e-mail

We try to make later registrations of single persons possible.

All participants have to return a health data sheet at the beginning of the camp.

Please note, that you still have a copy of the sheets for offsite acitivities.

Please inform us if there are important health care instructions that we have to know in advance.

Please inform us via e-mail:

All about the money

  • for international participants the camp fee is € 380,-

Leaders: € 205,- discounted, if there are too many leaders there is no more discount

€ 10,- per day, max € 100,-


1 to 12 scouts: 2 leaders discounted
13 to 18 scouts: 3 leaders discounted
19 to 24 scouts: 4 leaders discounted
each further 6 scouts: one additional leader discounted


1 bis 5 scouts: 1 leader discounted
6 bis 12 scouts: 2 leaders discounted
13 bis 18 scouts: 3 leaders discounted
each further 6 scouts: one additional leader discounted

Immediatly after the fixed registration, we ask you as a group to pay 100 € per participant. The registration is only binding once the payment has been made. Otherwise your pre-registration is cancelled. The rest has to be paid until 30th of june 2022.

Please pay the total amount until the end of june!

Please use the payment information on your receipt to transfer the amount for your group.

Participation can be canceled free of charge until May 5th, 2022.
From May 6th, 2022 to June 30st, 2022 there is a cancellation fee of € 100 per participant.
From July 1st, 2022 to July 31st, 2022 there is a cancellation fee of € 250 per participant.
From August 1st, 2022, the full fee has to be paid.

Should the camp have to be canceled due to COVID-19, there are no cancellation fees.


We are happy about every helping hand – just write an e-mail to 

The staff registration is already open at

€ 10,- per day, maximum € 100,-

Please pay the total amount until the end of june!

Yes. This ist pssible from 07:00 AM to 8:00 PM for Kids from 2 to 10 years. Please give us a note at the registration.

Overnight stays are generally only planned in a tent. There is sufficient space for this at the staff camping area.

The staff kitchen under the direction of Andreas Kranzelmayer provides you with food 3 times a day. To ensure that the right amount of food is available, it is important that you state in the registration database the dates on which you would like to be catered for.

Arrival and departure

We have decided to make this camp as sustainable as possible. We therefore ask you to refrain from traveling by car. In addition, there are unfortunately only very limited parking spaces available.

For all groups arriving by train, there will be a free shuttle bus from the main station in Salzburg to the campsite in Ebenau and back. With this we want to contribute to an environmentally friendly journey.

You will receive more detailed information on how to register for this in good time.